Financing / payment of your treatment in instalments

After a consultation session and an exact definition of the treatment procedure which is required in your specific case, we will be able to inform you of the exact costs of the operation including medical examinations and after care, plus anaesthesia, if necessary, or accommodation.

Our clinic will not charge any additional or even hidden costs which may arise in the course of the procedure. The amount which we have informed you of prior to the operation will be the expected final amount of the overall calculation.

Partial payment – payment in instalments

Simple and tailored to your individual situation

You can pay the costs for surgery in monthly installments, unproblematic and uncomplicated and at reduced rates of interest. Therefore a pay slip or pension approval certificate is required and a copy of both sides of your personal ID card.

You can adapt the term and resulting monthly instalment to your specific requirements, of course you can also finance part of the payment. Up to a period of 6 months we charge no interest, if you decide in favour of a 12 month period, interest in the amount of 2.9% will be charged.

Instalment calculator

Use the instalment calculator to calculate your personal financing proposal – it just takes a moment and is without obligation.

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Info Flyer

For further detailed information as to how you can apply for financing, see our Info Flyer:

>> click here to download our flyer: Customer Flyer

Online application

Would you like to handle your financing application online and in a paperless way? If that is the case, you can use the new online loan inquiry of medipay. In this case you do not need to fill in the form by hand and sign it, you can therefore apply for your financing version in a simple and easy way via your smartphone or computer.

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