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Botox treatment / wrinkle treatment with Botox

Facts about Botox treatment

Treatment duration:approx. 20 to 30 minutes
Sedation:oral anaesthetic gel
Hospital stay:outpatient treatment
Aftercare:avoid heat for 5 days
Presentable:immediately after treatment
Cost:starts at 350 €

Wrinkles or dermal lines in your face do not develop on the grounds of natural ageing processes or external influences, but as a result of an excessive activity of mimic muscles in the face – and in many cases there is a genetic or habitual disposition.

An excessive activity of the mimic muscles ultimately leads to creases and wrinkles in the skin which may destroy the freshness and positive radiation on your face. Typical examples are the glabellar frown lines, forehead wrinkles or the so-called “crows‘ feet” (laughter lines) developing in the outer eye areas.

A gentle, targeted and perfectly dosed treatment with Botox can in such cases reduce the activity of the muscles in concern and thus relax and tighten the skin structures in such areas.

An optimally performed Botox treatment by an experienced specialist will lead to natural and optically appealing results that give your facial expression a totally new feeling of freshness and vitality.

Our top priority in Botox treatment is: We want you to remain natural and stay the way you are! That is what we stand for with our long-year experience and high quality standards. In addition, we exclusively use products from premium manufacturers to ensure the best possible result, so that you will be satisfied with the outcome. In our view, masklike faces, the type of which changes after a facelift, have nothing to do with high-quality aesthetic medicine – you can be sure that you will therefore be in the very best of hands with us.

Natural and beautiful with Botox

In addition to the examples given above, a facial injection treatment with Botox can be used to address more special indications: Eyebrows can be gently lifted (brow lift), nose wrinkles (bunny lines) can be reduced and excessive mouth or chin activities (so-called chin wrinkles) can be reduced considerably.

And last but not least, patients who regularly suffer from headaches will benefit from a Botox treatment and in the following notice a considerable reduction of their headache symptoms. This is due to the relaxation of the muscles, as the stress component of headaches disappears.

Make an appointment today for a consultation session at our clinic in Hanover. If you wish, the injection with botulinum toxin can be administered as an outpatient directly following the consultation so that you do not lose any time.

You will notice the effect of a treatment session with Botox after about 5-7 days. It reaches its full effect after about 10 days. The effect lasts approx. 3-4 months and can be repeated as desired to maintain the rejuvenating effect. Of course, we will be pleased to control the result of the injection with you after about two weeks for a further gentle injection of the substance, if needed – without any further costs being charged.

Before deciding in favour of treatment with Botox, patients often have lots of questions regarding such a treatment. In a personal consultation session at our clinic at Pelikanplatz we will focus on your individual questions and concerns. Please find below online answers to the most frequent questions concerning wrinkle treatment with Botox:

How does Botox work?

Botulinum toxin prevents nerve pulses from reaching the muscle. The muscle movement is inactivated and reduces mimic wrinkles, thus stopping the development of new wrinkles.

When is the result of wrinkle treatment with Botox visible?

Botox begins to take effect in the body approx. 3-5 days after treatment. The result of treatment should become visible after a maximum of two weeks following the injection.

Which kind of wrinkles can be treated with Botox?

In particular deep mimic wrinkles can be optimally treated with Botox. These include, for example, not only frown lines or worry lines on the forehead, but also laughter lines around the eyes.

What has to be taken into account before and after wrinkle treatment with Botox?

Before wrinkle treatment with Botox the administration of blood-thinning medication should be suspended. Following treatment, contact with the skin areas treated should be avoided for the time being. On the day of treatment and one day thereafter you should rest and avoid greater efforts. On the following 5 days it is recommended to refrain from exposure to the sun or from visiting the sauna or solarium.

Is it possible to combine Botox injections with other treatment options?

To ensure an optimum improvement of your skin condition Botox injections can be optimally combined with other treatments, such as wrinkle injections with hyaluronic acid or with mesotherapy.

What side effects can Botox have?

After a wrinkle treatment with Botox you may notice reddening or swelling at the site of the injection. A feeling of numbness of the skin or bruises are seldom registered. We will inform you personally at our clinic of further possible side effects.

When does wrinkle treatment with Botox make sense?

Wrinkle treatment with Botox makes sense if your face is already lined with deep wrinkles and you would like to have these treated. Treatment with Botox is a gentle alternative to the face lift.

What advantages does a wrinkle treatment with Botox have as against a face lift?

The wrinkle treatment with Botox is a minimal invasive intervention, which means that possible risks, for example, resulting from anaesthesia or wound healing disorder following the treatment do not exist. Besides that, no cuts are necessary, thus no scars develop. After a wrinkle treatment with Botox, the patient can leave the clinic directly and is, as a rule, presentable on the same day.

Cost of Botox treatment

The cost of Botox treatment starts at 350 €.


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