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Breast enlargement / breast augmentation in Hanover

Facts about Breast enlargement / breast augmentation

Operating time:about 1 hour
Sedation:general anaesthesia
Hospital stay:1 day
Aftercare:It is necessary to wear a special bra – no sports activities or physical work for 4 weeks after surgery – solarium and sunbathing with an uncovered breast must be avoided for 6 months
Cost:starts at 5,000 €

If your breast is too small, has been like that from the beginning on and does not match your body proportions, that might be the reason for a deep dissatisfaction with your own body – which often leads to insecurity with your own role as a woman. Many women therefore long for more pronounced female curves and decide in favour of a breast enlargement.

A loss of weight, pregnancies and breast-feeding phases can, however, also lead to a reduced volume of the breast which often goes hand in hand with a change in shape. In such a case, an augmentation and upholstering of the breast within the scope of a breast enlargement can restore your natural curves and help to boost your self-esteem.

Beautiful breasts for more self-confidence

A breast enlargement by means of high-quality silicone implants can bring your breast back into balance with your body, in other words by adapting it to the other body proportions. At our clinic we exclusively use extremely high quality premium implants which offer you the maximum safety and are extremely well tolerated. Within the scope of a personal consultation and an examination of your breast we will determine – together with you – the best suitable implant with regard to shape, size and surface of your new beast contour.

The optimum access option in your specific case for breast enlargement (lower breast fold, areola or armpit), as well as the implant position (above or below the breast muscle), will be planned and harmonised according to your individual requirements, the condition of your breast as well as your life style and in agreement with you. Your expectations and desires are at the centre of our focus, after all, the surgical intervention will only be a full success, if you feel confident and are satisfied with the result.

Besides a detailed consultation and examination prior to surgery, aftercare is also an essential part of the treatment. After a breast enlargement, swelling is quite normal, and the actual ultimate result is completely visible after a couple of weeks. It is necessary to refrain from sports activities and sunbathing directly after surgery, so that the wounds can heal properly. At our clinic we carry out follow-up controls to ensure that the ultimate result will meet your expectations in every respect.

At this position we are unfortunately unable to present any before and after pictures, as this is no longer legally permissible since 01.04.2006. Of course, however, within the scope of a personal consultation, we can show you appropriate photos with operation results to demonstrate how a breast enlargement is carried out at our clinic. This will give you a better idea of what is possible with silicone implants and what shape and size would be most appropriate in your case.

After a consultation and examination of your breast we will submit an individual offer on the costs concerning a breast enlargement, to give you an idea of what a breast enlargement costs. If you have any questions regarding a breast enlargement in Hanover, please contact us by telephone, by email or by using our contact form.

Dr. med. Aschkan Entezami, Specialist for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, is also an Expert for Breast Enlargement on the established portal "info Medizin":

Dr. Entezami - Experte und Facharzt für Brustvergrößerung auf dem Portal info Medizin

Breast enlargement: Preparation, operation and aftercare

In the consulting sessions on breast enlargement, our patients have lots of justified questions to ask. The individual concerns are discussed in detail in an initial appointment, in order to clarify possible uncertainties and fears. Within the scope of such a meeting, many issues are discussed. At this point we would like to give you answers to the most frequently asked questions in connection with a breast enlargement in general:

As of what age is a breast enlargement possible?

Operative surgery is principally possible for the purpose of a breast enlargement once the growth of the breast has been completed. The dynamic development of a breast differs between women. A breast enlargement is principally permissible from the age of 18 onwards.

What do I have to take into account before a breast enlargement?

The effects of medication prior to surgery should be discussed without undue delay. In principle blood-thinning medication has to be avoided before surgery. The administration of certain medication prescribed by a physician has to be discussed in the individual case. The consumption of alcohol and nicotine is prohibited at least one day before surgery.

How much does a breast enlargement cost?

The cost of a breast enlargement starts at 5,000 €.

Will my health insurance take over the costs for a breast enlargement?

As a rule the costs for a breast enlargement have to be borne by the patient herself. Whether the costs can be taken over depends on the medical justification and can only be assumed if a definite medical indication has been ascertained, for example, in the case of a distinct asymmetry.

How long do I have to wear a special bra after surgery?

In order to enable a stable position and healing of the implants inserted in the breast, it is necessary to wear a special compression bra. This stabilises the breast muscles and reduces the development of swelling to possible minimum. In the majority of cases, patients are recommended to wear the special compression bra for a period of 6 weeks.

How stable and reliable are breast implants?

A rupture of the breast implant is possible, however, that occurs extremely seldom. The currently used cohesive silicone fillings are constructed in such a way that they withstand external influences, such as externally applied force or an accident. As a result of the modified physical properties the danger of leaking no longer exists. Therefore implants with cohesive silicone fillings are deemed to be particularly safe and reliable. Breast implants of the new generation are known for their particularly high stability. Lots of manufacturers therefore grant a life-long guarantee. In the ideal case, the breast implants can remain in the body for the rest of the patient’s life.

When am I allowed to shower or take a bath after a breast enlargement?

About 5 days after surgery it should be possible to take a shower. The plaster material is designed to withstand a shower. Once the bra no longer has to be worn after 6 weeks, it should be possible to also have a bath.

When can I return back to work or do other strenuous activities after a breast enlargement?

When a patient can return back to work, depends on the kind of employment and the physical stress at work. In the normal case office activities can be resumed after about 5 days. In the case of strenuous physical work it is recommended to come to an individual agreement with the medical specialist. With regard to leave and the recovery period as well as commencing sports activities, it is necessary to consult the treating medical specialist in any case. In order to guarantee an appropriate period of recovery, activities can be resumed after about 4-6 weeks. It is, however, essential to ensure that in particular the upper part of the body is treated with care and that sunbathing is avoided over a period of 6 months, if possible.

Can I nevertheless take part in cancer screening despite breast implants?

Yes, cancer screening in the form of mammogram and sonographic preventive medical check-ups is still possible. In the case of small breasts which have undergone a breast enlargement, diagnostics is even easier in many cases.

How is aftercare performed?

After the surgical intervention the patient remains as a rule for 24 hours at the clinic at Pelikanplatz, for monitoring purposes. If the operation is tolerated well and the patient has no complaints, the compression bandage is removed on the following day. After that the so-called compression bra is applied to guarantee an optimum healing process and offer support in the course of the weeks to follow. After 7 days the first check-up takes place. It is not necessary to remove the stitches, as the seam material we use is self-dissolving.

Can I breastfeed my baby with the breast implants in place?

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are not impaired as a result of a breast enlargement and can proceed in an absolutely natural way. The milk production in the glands is not affected in the majority of cases. The woman’s ability to breast feed is therefore largely maintained. A residual risk in the form of difficulties arising can occur, this however, only happens very rarely.

Cost of breast enlargement

The cost of a breast enlargement starts at 5,000 €.


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