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Breast lift in Hanover

Facts about breast lift

Operating time:approx. 2 to 2.5 hours
Sedation:general anaesthesia
Hospital stay:1 to 2 days
Aftercare:It is necessary to wear a special bra – no sports activities for 4 to 6 weeks after surgeryat for 5 days
Cost:starts at 4,000 €

Progressing age is reflected in the course of life not only in the face or on the hands. The breast naturally loses its firmness and volume. Drooping breasts can, however, also be the consequence of losing a lot of weight, a reduction in the volume of the breast or a pregnancy and thus also stress even young women, and often represent a high psychological burden.

The consequence is a no longer well-shaped breast, the nipple complex lies too deep and in addition thereto the areola is often enlarged. Lots of patients face an immense psychological stress in such a situation and no longer feel good in their skin, so that their social life as well as their partnership suffer considerably. If, at the same time, the breasts are very large, patients often complain of back and neck pain or a bad posture.

In the scope of a breast lift in which the excess skin is removed the breast is given a harmonious, well-formed appearance, with a firm and impressive look. We apply various different procedures for a breast lift (lift around the nipple, breast lift by means of a so-called “I-cut” or “T-cut”), as a different technique, as the best procedure is required depending on the woman and breast. Of course, the nipple is positioned optimally within the scope of a breast lift, at the position with the highest projection of the breast.

With the help of a breast lift you will get a well-formed breast and your self-esteem will rise considerably as a result. Our particular concern is that you feel good and we thus strive at defining and implementing the best solution in agreement with you that meets your personal wishes.

In some cases it is also necessary – besides a breast lift – to enlarge the breast by means of a silicon implant – both surgeries in the hands of our experienced experts can be optimally and effectively combined. Our aim is to achieve a natural result and we focus completely on your wishes. We thus offer you professional treatment and care, during and after surgery, so that you can be sure that you will be in good hands in every respect.

After an individual examination of your breast we will give you concrete advice and develop a tailor-made concept for a breast lift which is tuned to your specific situation. Book an appointment for a personal consultation at our clinic today. After the consultation we will present an individual offer for your specific breast lift outlining the costs.

If you require further information on a breast lift in Hanover, please contact us! Either by telephone, email or by using our contact form – our friendly staff members will be delighted to answer your questions.

Breast lift: Preparation, surgery and aftercare

Before a medical treatment – above all before surgery – you should ask yourself certain questions. It is helpful if you are well prepared when you address such a step. After all, that makes the decision-making process easier. With a little basic knowledge you will be in a position to ask the treating surgeon more specific questions in the scope of a consultation. For this reason you will find below answers to some frequently asked questions in connection with a breast lift.

Is there a minimum or maximum age for a breast lift?

It is in general possible for women as of the completed adolescence, once they have become of age, to undergo a breast lift. It is, however, recommended to wait somewhat longer as the body is fully developed and fully grown a few years later and thus changes to the breast can take place. A breast lift is often aimed at after reaching an advanced age, as the elasticity and firmness of the tissue declines over the course of years. Others consider surgery after pregnancy and once the breast-feeding period has come to an end. If you plan a pregnancy, it is recommended to postpone a breast lift until after your pregnancy.

Can I still breast feed after surgery?

Depending on what kind of method was used for the breast lift, disturbances may arise in connection with the ability to breast feed. In the case of minimal surgery in combination with a professional approach of the aesthetic surgeon, breast-feeding in the majority of cases is not impaired, as the milk-producing breast gland tissue is maintained.

Can a breast lift be combined with other operations to the breast?

Yes, it can. Depending on the initial situation and the patient’s request it can be combined either with a breast reduction (by removing excess fatty tissue) or with a breast enlargement by inserting implants. This creates an aesthetic overall appearance and a really beautiful shape of the breast. It is a mistake to think that a breast lift in itself would lead to a smaller breast; this is, however, not the case. The shape of the breast is firmer and fuller and is positioned slightly higher. The cup size and/or volume does not change as a result.

Does surgery leave visible scars?

In the normal case the operation is performed so that none of the scars is hardly visible. It extends around the areola and is only 1 to 2 mm wide and marginally lighter than the surrounding skin. A second scar extends vertically from the lower breast fold to the nipple. It is noticed in the first weeks and months after surgery, but over the course of time it is hardly visible. In seldom cases relatively wide or bulging scars develop if the patient’s skin quality is extremely bad. If desired, such scars can then be reduced in size.

What kind of changes to the breast are observed after a breast lift?

First of all you will be delighted to have a firmer, more beautiful shape of the breast. In addition, the areolas will be reduced in size. The skin in the neck area is not lifted, but due to the fact that it is exposed to less stress as a result of the breasts which no longer droop so much, it will be less stretched and you will notice less strain after surgery.

Is the surgery risky? What are the side effects?

In each operation you have to take certain risks and physical stress into consideration. Pain, swelling, hypersensitivity and numbness arise temporarily. The sensation in the nipples may be reduced for a certain period following surgery. In extremely seldom cases the feeling of numbness and/or reduced sensation remains in the nipples.

In the first 6 weeks following surgery you should wear a supporting bra. After about 2 weeks you are normally fit enough to pursue your daily routine and to return to work. In the first 6-8 weeks you should refrain from strenuous activities and sports. You are also recommended to refrain from sunbathing or using the solarium in the first 6 months following a breast lift.

Is a breast lift very painful?

In comparison with other operations a breast lift is not particularly painful. In the first two to four days you should take an unpleasant feeling of tension into consideration. A breast lift is performed under general anaesthesia, so that you will not notice the actual surgical intervention itself.

Does the national health insurance take over the costs for surgery?

As a breast lift is in most cases performed for mere aesthetic reasons and there is no medical need for such, you are required to assume the costs yourself.

How long will I be hospitalised?

A breast lift cannot be performed on an outpatient basis. You are required to stay 1 day or 2 days at most for observation at the clinic.

Cost of breast lift

The cost of a breast lift starts at 4,000 €.


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