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Breast reduction / mamma reduction in Hanover

Facts about breast reduction / mamma reduction in Hanover

Operating time:about 2,5 hours
Sedation:general anaesthesia
Hospital stay:2 days
Aftercare:It is necessary to wear a special bra – no sports activities or physical work for 4 weeks after surgery – solarium and sunbathing with an uncovered breast must be avoided for 6 months
Cost:starts at 5,000 €

In our society, the woman’s breast stands for a symbol of femininity – a large breast is considered to be sexy and desirable. Women, however, often suffer as a result of an over-proportionate breast. A breast reduction in this case might be the right solution.

Over-proportionate large breasts can have several causes: In the most frequent cases, large breasts are a natural predisposition, in other words of genetic origin and therefore cannot be influenced. Increases in volume following pregnancies or increases in weight can also lead to breasts that are too large in relation to the body proportions. Diets to reduce the breast are, in the majority of cases, without any effect.

Many women suffer by nature if their breasts are too big, as they feel insecure and uncomfortable in their skin. They thus avoid visiting public swimming pools and only do sports in a very limited respect. In addition, physical complaints, such as headache and pain in the neck are often registered, posture disorder with back pains or constricting bra straps resulting from the weight of the breasts arise, if the breasts are too large.

More quality of life thanks to a breast reduction

A breast reduction in such cases is not only an optical benefit, as the breasts are reduced to match the body silhouette, but is also associated with immediately subsiding physical complaints which the patient is virtually relieved of. By adapting the size of the breasts to the physical structure of the woman’s body, sports and physical activities are once again possible without any problem and personal freedom increases.

The occasionally strong physical stress as a result of the disproportioned breast is drastically minimised by a breast reduction, so that a noticeable enhancement of the quality of life is achieved. The natural result can drastically improve the patient’s self-confidence.

Within the scope of a breast reduction, the excessive fatty and gland tissue is removed, the breast is remodelled, lifted and thus positioned higher. As a rule the nipples are reduced in size and also positioned higher. The result is an appealing and beautiful breast which is in line with the patient’s body contours. In our surgical intervention we focus above all on a natural appearance – after all, we want you to feel good with your new breast.

During your two-day stay at our clinic a compression bandage is made to measure and has to be worn after surgery. In the following this is replaced by a special medical bra which has to be worn 24/7 for several weeks. Only after that period is the final result actually visible.

After consultation and an examination of your breast we will develop a treatment concept which is tuned to your individual requirements, and an offer regarding the costs of breast reduction so that you will be aware of the costs involved. If you have any further questions regarding breast reduction in Hanover, please contact us by telephone, by mail or by using our contact form.

Cost of breast reduction

The cost of a breast reduction starts at 5,000 €.

Breast reduction: Preparation, operation and aftercare check-up

Before surgery every patient – in the majority of cases – has lots of questions. In the personal consultation sessions on breast reduction at our clinic at Pelikanplatz, we will answer your individual questions and address your concerns in detail. In advance, we would like to give you answers to the most frequently asked questions in connection with a breast reduction in general:

When is the best point in time for a breast reduction?

A breast reduction is always recommended if the person in concern suffers mentally or physically as a result of over-proportionately large breasts. It should however be ensured that, in so far as possible, family planning has been completed prior to surgery, so that the outcome of treatment is not substantially influenced once again.

Do visible scars develop in connection with a breast reduction?

In the case of a breast reduction, a scar around the nipple is created, besides a vertical scar and a further scar in the breast crease. The most visible scar is the vertical one, which, at a later point in time will only be seen as a light, whitish line.

Can the breast grow in size again after a breast reduction?

As the breast consists above all of gland and fatty tissue it has to be assumed that if the patient puts on a great deal of weight the breast might increase in size again. It is therefore recommended to maintain one’s weight after surgery.

Is the ability to breast-feed maintained after a breast reduction?

The ability to breast feed is maintained in the majority of cases following surgery, however, it always makes sense to complete family planning prior to undergoing a breast reduction.

Is a breast reduction a painful procedure?

A breast reduction is considered to be a relatively painless procedure. In general any developing pain can be well treated with conventional pain killers.

What has to be observed after a breast reduction?

After a breast reduction the patient has to stay at our clinic at Pelikanplatz for 1-2 nights as an inpatient. After one day the bandage is replaced. It is important that the patient wears a special sports bra for a period of 6 weeks to support the healing process. The patient is unable to work for a period of about 2 weeks following the date of surgery and for 4-6 weeks she should refrain from sports activities. The uncovered breast has to be protected with sun cream against UV radiation in the first 6 months.


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