Dr. med. Aschkan Entezami, Facharzt für Plastische und Ästhetische Chirurgie, Klinik am Pelikanplatz Hannover

Dr. med. Aschkan Entezami

Specialist for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

 Highly experienced medical specialist

 Large number of operations performed

 Gentle surgery procedures

Eyelid lift in Hanover

Facts about eyelid lift

Operating time:about 1 hour
Sedation:twilight sleep
Hospital stay:treatment as a rule as outpatient
Aftercare:the stitches are taken out 7 days after surgery
Presentable:after 7 to 10 days
Cost:starts at 2,000 €

Alert, fresh open eyes radiate vivacity and vitality. In the course of one’s life, however, saggy eyelids may develop, thus an indication for blepharoplasty and, above all in the case of men, lacrimal sacs may disturb the positive and young radiation of a person’s face.

In particular, in the business world the eyes of your counterpart are important, after all, the „first impression” is frequently established by eye contact. Such an impression can be decisive and in the best case will leave a dynamic impression reflecting vitality.

Age-related changes to the eyes are thus of great significance. Excessive, drooping skin developing along the upper eyelids in the course of time makes the eyes look optically smaller – and the excessive skin is often even responsible for a restricted field of vision, for example, when glancing upwards. In any case, blepharochalasis leads to a tired, fatigued and hardly dynamic appearance and this effect is reflected on the whole face.

Excessive skin may also accumulate over the years, and in particular in the case of men, causing a prolapse of fatty tissue which then develops so-called lacrimal sacs. In this case, the result is a rather fatigued and sad look on a person’s face.

Fresh eyes thanks to eyelid lift

By performing an eyelid correction at the upper eyelid and/or lower eyelid, it is possible to correct the afore-mentioned undesired appearance applying a highly effective method. In this intervention the excessive skin and/or the excessive fatty tissue is removed in a gentle procedure. The fine scars are positioned at the upper eyelids in the eyelid crease. In the case of a lower eyelid lift, the scar is placed directly below the eyelashes. In both cases the scars are hardly visible. Of course an upper and lower eyelid lift can be performed in one session.

In the ultimate result a by far more vital and alert appearance is achieved, and the surgical intervention leads to a lasting change to your appearance for the better. At our clinic in Hanover we focus on achieving a natural result so that you will feel absolutely comfortable in your own skin after the eyelid lift.

Surgery is performed in a pleasant twilight sleep (sedation). This means that you literally sleep through the surgical intervention without general anaesthesia being necessary. After the operation you can return home, provided that somebody will be accompanying you. The seam material and plasters are removed one week after surgery.

Cost of eyelid lift

An eyelid lift starts at 2,000 €.


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