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Facelifting – Face lift for men and women

Facts about facelifting

Operating time:approx. 3 to 5 hour
Sedation:twilight sleep
Hospital stay:in most cases 2 days
Aftercare:Head bandage for 2 days, the stitches are taken out approx. 14 days after surgery
Presentable:after 2 to 3 weeks
Cost:starts at 6,000 €

The face is the most pronounced part of the body, it is the first to catch the eye. Similar to the whole body, the face is not immune to the natural ageing processes and thus to the unstoppable changes in the course of time.

Within the scope of ageing of the face, the elasticity declines due to the deterioration of elastic tissue fibres. As a result the skin develops wrinkles, the facial features change and the fat tissue forming the facial structure also changes its location.

The consequence is a reduced fullness of the face in the upper area of the face and an increase in the lower third – the face thus loses its „V-shape”. In concrete terms, the fullness of the upper cheeks declines and the nasolabial creases become more pronounced, the corners of the mouth begin to droop and the contours of the lower jaw are partially reversed.

Depending on the genetic disposition and lifestyle, these developments are individual and vary in degree. Above all the consumption of alcohol and nicotine, as well as an unbalanced diet and only little movement lead decisively to a speedy development of wrinkles.

Young facial features and a fresh complexion by facelifting

Within the scope of a facelift and neck list not only the skin is stretched, also the fatty tissue is repositioned. In other words, it is moved back to its original position. The consequence is a fresher, more vital and naturally more attractive radiation. The cut is positioned in the course of the facelift operation in front of the ear in a natural crease. Behind the ear a cut is placed in the ear sulcus and is then concealed in the area covered by hair.

This surgical intervention is performed at our clinic in a very gentle procedure in twilight sleep – that means you “sleep through” surgery without requiring the administration of general anaesthesia. The operation is thus gentle to your tissue and, due to the fact that you wake up slowly and gently, haematoma and swelling after such a surgical intervention are minimised.

The most important aspect of our facelift philosophy is however: You remain true to yourself! Even if you look fresher, more vital or younger – the quality of your individual face, your personally traits have to be maintained in any case. After all, the natural look on your face and your appearance is our top priority.

At this position we are unfortunately unable to present any before and after pictures, as this is no longer legally permissible since 01.04.2006. Of course, however, within the scope of a personal consultation we can show you appropriate photos with operation results to demonstrate how the procedures are carried out at our clinic.

Facelifting: Preparation, operation and aftercare check-up

Of course, there will be a lot of questions to ask before you undergo surgery. For example regarding the exact procedure of the surgical intervention, the method, as well as the result of the operation. In a personal consultation session at our clinic at Pelikanplatz, you will have the opportunity to ask the treating medical specialist your concrete questions. Nevertheless, we would like to give you the answers to the most frequent questions on facelifting in advance:

How long does a facelift take?

Depending on the treatment method and the desired result of treatment a facelift takes approx. 3 to 5 hours.

How long does it take before one is presentable again after a facelift?

One is presentable within about 3 weeks after a facelift. During this period you should relax and avoid efforts.

When does a facelift make sense?

A facelift makes sense if you are no longer happy with your appearance. A facelift also makes sense, if the aim is to treat deeper wrinkles in which fillers, such as Botox or hyaluronic acid, are no longer effective.

Can a facelift be combined with other surgical interventions?

The facelift is very frequently combined with other surgical interventions. These could be upper eyelid lift and lower eyelid lift or, for example, a chin liposuction.

Does the face look artificial after a facelift?

The modern, sustainable facelift methods do not make the face look artificial, but remove excessive fatty tissue and skin material, so that the skin does not look taught. It is important to discuss the treatment aim in detail beforehand with the operating surgeon.

Is a facelift painful?

After a facelift you will hardly have any pain. Numbness and a feeling of tension on the skin are noticed which, however, subside automatically after a couple of days. In addition, bruises and redness in the treatment area may be noticed, which however also disappear after a while.

What happens in a facelift?

During a facelift connective tissue structures lying under the skin are tightened and sunken fatty tissue is repositioned. After the facelift on the lower layers, the excessive skin in this region can then be removed. The cut is in most cases positioned at an inconspicuous place around the ear to ensure that no scar will be visible at a later point in time.

How long does the result of a facelift last and can it be repeated?

A well performed facelift can lead to an effect which lasts on average for over 8-10 years, it is of course possible to repeat a facelift at a later point in time.

Cost of facelifting

The cost of a facelift starts at 6,000 €.


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