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Liposuction for men and women in Hanover

Facts about liposuction

Operating time:depending on the complexity 1 to 2 hours
Sedation:twilight sleep, general anaesthesia
Hospital stay:normally as an outpatient, at most however 1 day
Aftercare:compression girdle must be worn for 6 weeks after surgery – physically strenuous work must be avoided and/or no sports for 4 to 6 weeks
Cost:starts at 3,000 €

Everybody is familiar with them, almost everybody finds them disturbing: Unloved fat deposits and fat pads at the various parts of the body – which above all women, but also men are affected by as a result of their genetic disposition. In the most frequent cases the so-called saddle bags develop not only on the outer sides of the upper legs, but also on the inner sides of the upper legs, hips, stomach as well as other parts of the body.

Fat in the body has various functions, for example, it warms the body, forms it or produces hormones. Too much fat at the wrong places can on the one hand be unaesthetic and, on the other, even unhealthy. In the case of drastically obese patients a weight reduction is initially recommended for this reason. However, sports and a healthy diet alone often do not lead to the desired result – as fat deposits are in the majority of cases difficult to get rid of.

Some fat deposits are often impossible to reach in the scope of reducing weight, because these are natural fat distributions of the body and an alleged overweight does not play any role. Lots of patients are therefore aware of the problem of local fat deposits at the hips or, for example, on the thighs, despite the fact that they have a slender figure.  Sports and diet do not help in the case of this kind of fat distribution, instead our clinic at Pelikanplatz for plastic and aesthetic surgery in Hanover has an effective treatment option to offer.

With liposuction to a perfect body

In this case, the excessive fat tissue can be efficiently and gently removed by means of liposuction. The liposuction is performed in twilight sleep or general anaesthesia, and in the majority of cases a liposuction is performed on an outpatient basis, which means that you can be discharged on the same day and return home. Hardly any visible scars will be left as the pinpricks for the suction cannulas are only 3-4 mm in length and are blocked directly following the intervention. That means that after a liposuction, the result is practically scar-free.

After the operation you will be required to wear a girdle which has been made to measure (as a rule for 6 weeks) – in this period swelling in this suctioned area is reduced. The girdle will also help the body contouring process. Gentle movements, such as walks in the fresh air are recommended, however, you should in any case refrain from any strenuous physical activities in this period.  Besides that an adequate fluid intake after the intervention is extremely important, whereby it is essential to abstain from alcohol. That is the only way your body will be able to recover without any problem from liposuction.

In the end the unloved fat deposits have disappeared and you will be delighted with your good-looking body contours. Contact us to book an individual consultation with our experts at the clinic at Pelikanplatz so that we can prepare an optimum treatment plan with you.

Dr. med. Aschkan Entezami, medical specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery, is an expert for liposuction on the renowned portal "infoMedizin":

Dr. Entezami - Experte und Facharzt für Fettabsaugung auf dem Portal info Medizin

Liposuction: Preparation, operation and aftercare

It is of course only natural that patients raise certain questions before a surgical intervention. We will do our very best to ensure that these are answered in brief form online. An initial input serves as preparation for the personal consultation session, in the course of which we will discuss the topics in detail and ensure that all important issues are clarified prior to surgery.

Form whom is liposuction recommended?

Liposuction is suitable for anybody who wants to get rid of unloved fat deposits at certain parts of the body. These overproportioned fat deposits can be reduced in size or eliminated. An important prerequisite for liposuction is that you are of full age and in good health. A further decisive factor is the quality and elasticity of the skin so that an even surface contour will develop after removing the fat depot. Men and women with a considerably saggy skin (such as in the case of having lost weight or at a relatively advanced age) should as a rule rather consider a body firming operation.

In the case of women, particularly good results are achieved at the thighs, hips and stomach and with saddle bags. In the case of men, so-called male breasts (gynaecomastia) can be suctioned. For persons suffering in general from overweight and wanting to look slimmer, liposuction is not an alternative. Besides that, in the case of a “beer belly” liposuction is not helpful either.

How much fat is sucked off in one session?

The exact procedure and the volume of suctioned fat depend on various different factors. Per session it is possible to extract about 2 l of fat. Sessions in which a larger volume of fat is to be suctioned can only be performed on an inpatient, and not on an outpatient basis. The maximum amount is approx. 4 l. If in total more local fat tissue is to be removed, then additional sessions at a later point in time are required in order to reduce the stress on the body.

How long does it take until a result becomes visible after liposuction?

A few days after surgery the first results are shown, however, it takes several days for the local swelling to subside. The final result is visible after about 6 months, which is how long it takes for the skin to shrink completely. If a quicker result is desired, an additional tightening of the skin is recommended.

What kind of anaesthesia is selected in the case of liposuction?

Twilight sleep is in general sufficient for liposuction. Local anaesthesia is recommended, as this means that the treatment causes even less pain. And that makes it easier to remove the fat deposits. In the case of complicated body parts and extensive interventions, in which a large volume of fat is to be removed, general anaesthesia is recommended.

Does your health insurance take over the cost of liposuction?

As liposuction is considered to be a beautifying operation and not a medically necessary intervention, the costs will not be taken over by your health insurance.

What methods of liposuction are available?

Two methods of liposuction are available: Either moist liposuction using an injected tumescence solution or dry liposuction without injection. We principally recommend the tumescence solution to be used as the liquid makes optimum results possible, as it quasi prepares the fat cells for liposuction.

Is liposuction a risky procedure?

As in any surgical intervention you should take effects such as swelling and bruising into account when undergoing liposuction. You may also notice a temporary feeling of numbness at the operation site. Greater risks are, however, very seldom. They include among others thrombosis, embolism or bleeding. Asymmetries are observed equally seldom, if locations such as the thighs are treated on both sides of the body. They require a further correcting intervention.

How long does liposuction take?

That depends on the situation and the desired result. For a smaller area about 30 minutes are sufficient, whereas the treatment of large or several fat deposits can take more than 3 hours.

Do visible scars remain after liposuction?

The scars remaining after liposuction are hardly visible. The pinpricks for the suction cannulas during surgery are only about 3 to 4 mm long and they are blocked directly following the intervention. In the normal case, the treating surgeon positions the minimal cuts in skin creases so that the scars disappear as a rule after surgery.

What must I take into account after surgery?

After the surgical intervention swelling, reddening and pain, as well as numbness and similar after effects, may be noticed. In order to support the reduction of swelling after liposuction, you should wear compression garments at the part of your body in concern for a period of about 6 weeks. You are recommended to take a leave/holiday of about 7 days. Sports activities should be avoided for 4 to 6 weeks in the optimum case.

Cost of liposuction

The cost of liposuction starts at 3,000 €.


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