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Lower eyelid lift – removing lacrimal sacs in Hanover

Facts about lower eyelid lift

Operating time:approx. 1 hour
Sedation:local anaesthesia or twilight sleep
Hospital stay:treatment as a rule as outpatient
Aftercare:the stitches are taken out after 7 days
Presentable:after 7 to 10 days
Cost:starts at 2,300 €

The radiation of our eyes is decisively responsible for our appearance, as feelings and emotions are often portrayed by the look in our eyes. Alert, fresh eyes stand for shining vitality and leave a lasting impression on the people we talk to and arouse their interest.  It is therefore of paramount importance to ensure that our eye region is well cared for and, at a given time, to give nature a little help with a minimal intervention.

Full or lax lower eyelids, often referred to as „lacrimal sacs“ develop in the course of time as a result of excess skin accumulating at the lower eyelids. They stand out even more, due to the fact that the skin around the eye area is particularly sensitive in its structure and therefore suffers more under ageing processes than the other areas of the face.

In addition thereto, there is a diminishing tension of the inner connective tissue of the lower eyelids – and as a result fat tissue emerges which is responsible for the characteristic filling of the so-called “lacrimal sacs”. However, as a result of a genetic disposition, „lacrimal sacs“ can even occur in young years. Lots of patients find this development to be extremely disturbing and unattractive, so that in such cases a lower eyelid lift would be highly recommended.

Within the scope of a detailed consultation session at our clinic, our experts will be pleased to advise you regarding your personal situation and will develop an optimum treatment plan, so that you get the desired result in the end. A natural and long-lasting result is our top priority to ensure that you feel fresh and attractive in future.

If you have any questions regarding lower eyelid lift (lower eyelid correction) in Hanover, please feel free to contact us by telephone, by email or alternatively by using our contact form.

In any case, it makes sense to obtain information regarding all of the important details. Within the scope of a consultation session we will offer you the opportunity to raise all of your questions. In the following you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on a lower eyelid lift, so that you know roughly what you will be expecting.

With the help of a breast lift you will get a well-formed breast and your self-esteem will rise considerably as a result. Our particular concern is that you feel good and we thus strive at defining and implementing the best solution in agreement with you that meets your personal wishes.

In some cases it is also necessary – besides a breast lift – to enlarge the breast by means of a silicon implant – both surgeries in the hands of our experienced experts can be optimally and effectively combined. Our aim is to achieve a natural result and we focus completely on your wishes. We thus offer you professional treatment and care, during and after surgery, so that you can be sure that you will be in good hands in every respect.

After an individual examination of your breast we will give you concrete advice and develop a tailor-made concept for a breast lift which is tuned to your specific situation. Book an appointment for a personal consultation at our clinic today. After the consultation we will present an individual offer for your specific breast lift outlining the costs.

If you require further information on a breast lift in Hanover, please contact us! Either by telephone, email or by using our contact form – our friendly staff members will be delighted to answer your questions.

How risky is a lower eyelid correction?

Every operation entails possible risks and after effects, for example, in connection with drug intolerances, wound healing disorder, inflammation or problems with scar healing. They cannot be excluded completely in connection with this operation. Before an operation we will inform you of all possible side effects. In absolutely extremely seldom cases, a medical condition in which the lower eyelid turns outwards may occur (also referred to as ectropion). In individual cases, conjunctivitis may develop. Both complications are, however, of a temporary nature and can be treated effectively. Injuries to the eye occur practically never occur, as a magnifying glass is used in surgery which allows the medical specialist to work extremely precisely and with due care.

How much does a lower eyelid lift cost?

The costs depend on several factors, ultimately from the initial situation and from the scope of surgery. You should take costs of about 2,300 € or more into account.

How long will I be unable to work after surgery and what do I have to take into consideration?

The sutures are removed after 1 week and it takes, as a rule, a further week until you are fit enough to return to your daily life and back to your job. 2 weeks after surgery you may wear contact lenses again, use eye make-up and do sports. From that point on, the swelling will have noticeably subsided. It makes sense to give yourself a longer phase of recovery of 4-6 weeks before you undertake any strenuous activities. Bruises will no longer be visible after 8-14 days. You will be given eye drops to be applied in the days and weeks after surgery to protect the eyes and to prevent inflammation. It is not necessary to wear a bandage.

Is the lower eyelid lift performed in the same way as an upper eyelid lift?

No, both procedures should be examined separately. With the upper eyelid correction you can, for example, remove drooping eyelids. The procedure is less complicated and the recovery phase is shorter. The lower eyelid correction is more complicated, and in frequent cases also includes removing lacrimal sacs.

How long does the operation last?

A follow-up intervention is not generally necessary, as when removing the lacrimal sacs the fat tissue is removed completely. The results are therefore permanent. In seldom cases, a second intervention is necessary, however, not before 10-15 years. The same applies to an upper eyelid lift.

Will the operation have any effect on my sight?

In principle, sight is not influenced as a result of an upper eyelid correction. It is, however, frequently observed that before the operation the drooping upper eyelids impair a person’s sight. This is normalised as a result of the surgical intervention. There are cases in which teary eye problems can be treated by means of a lower eyelid lift.

May I use eye makeup after the operation?

In the ideal case you should wait 1-2 weeks before using make-up. After that there are no restrictions, make-up is even recommended to conceal slight bruises.

Will visible scars remain?

Fine scars cannot be avoided as cuts are necessary. These will, however, be positioned below the lashes and will extend to the sides so that visible scars will hardly remain. It will take about 6 months before the operation scars have faded to unremarkable pale lines. If the lacrimal sacs are operated on in young years from the inner lower eyelid, no exterior visible scars will remain.

Is the operation performed under general anaesthesia?

It is recommended to perform a lower eyelid lift under local anaesthesia with twilight sleep. That reduces the strain on the patient to a minimum. The effect is noticed within a couple of minutes. It often lasts several hours (beyond the duration of surgery). This is an advantage vis-à-vis general anaesthesia, whereby the cooperation of the patient is also required in connection with a lower eyelid correction.

Does the national health insurance take over the costs for surgery?

As a lower eyelid lift is in most cases performed for mere aesthetic reasons and there is no medical need for such, you are required to assume the treatment costs yourself, as you will not be able to recover these costs from your health insurance.

Cost of lower eyelid lift

The cost of a lower eyelid lift starts at 2,300 €.


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